Deep-in Hunting Adventures 

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About Deep-in Hunting


Our Cmpany

Deep-in Hunting Adventure Ltd New Zealand was found by founder Bowen Wu.

Bowen is a member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association with more than 20 years hunting experience.

We can offer both target shooting and trophy hunting for customers with no previous hunting experience. All training will be provided.

Deep-in Hunting Adventure offers fully guided hunts from 3 hours to day tours and up to several months long customized hunting trips to fit any travel itinerary.

We not only hunt all of New Zealand’s big game animal such as Himalayan Tahr, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Whitetail Deer, Rusa Deer, Sambar Deer, Sika Deer, Wapiti, Chamois, Feral Goat, Wild Sheep but also small game animal species like Rabbits and Possum. Game birds are hunted in season and include Black swan, Pukeko, Californian Quail, Pheasant , Chukar, Canadian Geese, Wild Turkey.

Over the years Deep-in Hunting Adventure has expanded into a company featuring excellent outdoor adventures such as fishing charter, helicopter flight, 4WD tour, river rafting, etc.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service.



Deep-in Hunting Adventures New Zealand is a New Zealand registered company.

It is :
Registered in New Zealand professional Hunting Guides Association 
Member of Tourism Industry Aotearoa
Small/Large passenger service licence
vehicle rental service licence

Professional Hunting guide Bowen Wu is:
* Member of Professional Hunting Guide Association 
* Official SCI measurer
*Helicopter Assistant Hunting Guide
* Comercial passenger Driving Licence 
* Trained by New Zealand Outdoor First Aid
* Approved concession to operate in public conservation areas
* Exclusive operation in 15000 hectare Maori land


Team Members


  • Professional hunting guide
  • SCI Trophy measurer
  • CCTV4 Recommended hunting guide
  • Director of New Zealand Outdoor Safety Association
  • Helicopter Hunting Guide
  • Free diving / Fishspearing/ experienced outdoor player, consession of hunting in conservation areas
  • RYA day skipper


  • Experienced outdoor player
  • Hunting Guide
  • Shooting instructor
  • Open water Diving guide
  • RYA day Skipper


  • Firearm expert 
  • Hunting guide
  • Shooting instructor
  • Former army special force
  • Former security team member of national leader.
  • Combat experience
  • RYA Day Skipper



  • Shooting instructor
  • Assistant hunting Guide

Captain Wang

  • Instructor of New Zealand Coast guard
    Experienced consultant of watersport 
  • Commercial Yatch operating licence

  • Former Captain of oil tanker-10 thousand tons 
  • Over 30 years captain experience


  •  Instructor of flying school
  • Member of flying club
  • Bilingual flying instructor
  • Over 1000 hours flying 

Our advantages

Professional staff

At Hunting training center we hire only professional hunters and hunting coaches who care about your safety and hunting skills.

Experienced coaches

All of our coaches are former professional hunters with decades of experience, and they are ready to teach you.

Various training programs

Our coaches work daily to deliver the entertainment and education combined in our training programs for youth and adults.

Easy-to-reach location

We located in the city of Auckland. It is easy to hunt in any parts of New Zealand.

Quality equipment 

We provide outdoor equipments with high quality, making the shooting or hunting more interesting.

High-class entertainment

We can make trophy and delivery to you , including international delivery and tax clearamce. 

Safety Training

We provide safety training before every trip and activity, to make sure that your trip would be safe and fun.

Photo and video materials

To revive your hunting memories, we can give you photos and videos of your training and hunting sessions.